The 4 Worst Spots for AC Thermostat Location

The location of your AC thermostat can have a major effect on the efficiency and comfort of your home. When you place it in the wrong spot, a thermostat can provide inaccurate readings, resulting in poor comfort levels or wasted energy. Unfortunately, many homeowners in Lincolnshire, IL, install their AC thermostats in these four spots that you should avoid:

Near Windows and Doors

Windows and doors offer an easy target for placing AC thermostats. However, these areas can suffer from temperature fluxes due to outside air coming in and direct sunlight. This will cause the thermostat to give inaccurate readings, causing your air conditioner to cycle on or off unnecessarily.

Near Appliances

Appliances such as water heaters, stoves and even televisions can give off a lot of heat. When you place an AC thermostat near these appliances, the device will pick up on their additional heat and could cause your system to run continually. The resultant false reading could also cause you to overpay on energy costs.

Near Air Vents

Air vents are a great way to spread air throughout your home, but your HVAC service technician shouldn’t place them near an AC thermostat. Placing the thermostat near an air vent could cause it to pick up false readings from the cold air coming out of the vent and make your system run inefficiently. Air vents can also cause drafts, further throwing off the thermostat’s readings.

In a Hallway

Hallways can often suffer from an echo effect, where the air is constantly circulating and affecting the temperature of the entire area. They can restrict the airflow of your AC system and prevent the thermostat from accurately reading the temperature. Always place thermostats in an open area away from hallways and stairwells.

Accurate thermostat readings are essential to the efficiency and comfort of your home. Contact Carefree Comfort Inc. if you’re unsure where to place your thermostat. We’ll ensure your AC thermostat is in the best spot for optimal comfort and energy savings.

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