Why You Should Stay Away from DIY HVAC Repairs in Lake Bluff, IL

When your air conditioning system develops problems during the warm spring, DIY servicing might be quite tempting. While it may seem cheaper, DIY maintenance could lead to persistent, expensive HVAC issues. Here are three reasons you should never consider DIY HVAC repairs in your Lake Bluff, IL, house:

DIY Repair is More Costly

Firstly, most homeowners turn to DIY servicing as a money-saving tactic. However, DIY HVAC repairs end up costing more.

With DIY maintenance, you’re solely responsible for all the expenses involved. If an error arises following the DIY servicing, you bear the additional repair costs. Even worse, you might void your HVAC system’s warranty. That’s because most HVAC manufacturers require that you schedule professional maintenance to keep it valid.

DIY HVAC Servicing is Hazardous

If you lack HVAC knowledge, DIY repairs expose you to imminent danger. Handling complex HVAC components calls for extensive training, experience and skills.

Electrocution is among the most common electrical accidents that arise from DIY HVAC repairs. Poor-quality DIY installation and maintenance could also lead to electrical fires and excessive structural damage. Carbon monoxide leaks from broken joints result in breathing complications and could be fatal if severe.

Direct contact with the HVAC refrigerant could lead to severe skin irritation and damage. Professional gear is necessary to protect the skin, eyes and hands from refrigerant compounds. If your system uses R-22, refrigerant poisoning could cause irreversible brain damage, lung failure and even death.

Selling Your Home is Harder

Finally, if you’re used to performing DIY HVAC repairs, finding a prospective homebuyer can be quite a complicated process. Typically, most homebuyers go for properly maintained houses.

Receipts of professional annual maintenance and inspection increase your chances of closing a sale faster. Additionally, these receipts assure potential buyers that the HVAC system runs efficiently.

Contact Carefree Comfort Inc. for top-quality HVAC installation, replacement and maintenance services. Our NATE-certified experts will ensure a safe and comfortable home.

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