Why Spring HVAC Maintenance Matters

To live comfortably in Highland Park, IL, you need energy-efficient cooling for the summer. Whether you own a heat pump or a central air conditioner, you want the equipment to operate when you need i for a low cost and without the fear of breakdowns. That’s why you need to schedule HVAC maintenance every spring.

Enjoy Energy-Efficient Cooling

It all comes down to getting the best performance in the shortest time and with the least expense. A tuneup can effectively eliminate issues that could hinder cooling performance, such as blockages to airflow, worn parts and bad wiring.

For example, your service technician will clean the compressor coils, replace the filters and examine the electrical components. Completing a comprehensive check of your cooling system will help it run more efficiently. As a result, you’ll minimize the cost to cool your home this spring and summer.

Deal With Fewer Air Conditioner Repairs

While you should expect occasional AC repairs to get your system back on its feet, you shouldn’t have to request them all the time. That in itself can point to an irreparable problem with your system. But with a yearly tuneup, your system will rarely need major work.

Prevent Premature Replacements

You’ll save money not only by avoiding unnecessary repairs but also by lowering your monthly bill. The bill can increase, sometimes dramatically, when an air conditioner starts to run inefficiently.

You can also save money in the long run by putting off a replacement. After all, a well-running system won’t wear down as quickly. Premature replacements are expensive, even if you upgrade to a newer and more energy-efficient HVAC system.

To prepare for another summer in Highland Park, IL, call to request HVAC maintenance from our team at Carefree Comfort Inc. We can also set you up with a customized HVAC maintenance plan tailored to your home, air conditioner and budget.

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