Why Does My Heat Pump in Highland Park, IL, Short Cycle?

Short cycling is a sign of an underlying heat pump problem. Therefore, you should act hastily to address the issue to prevent it from worsening. Here are some reasons your heat pump in Highland Park, IL, doesn’t complete temperature regulation cycles:

You’re Using an Oversized Heat Pump

Experts refer to a heat pump as oversized if its temperature regulation capabilities exceed your heating or cooling load. An oversized system starts a cooling cycle, stops midway and starts again.

This is because it cools the indoor air too fast and shuts down before distributing the air evenly in your house. Your thermostat detects some warm spots and prompts the system to restart, and the same scenario repeats itself. Replace an oversized system with a correctly sized one for maximum comfort and energy savings.

There’s a Problem With Your Thermostat

Your thermostat reads the indoor temperatures with the help of a unique sensor. If this sensor is faulty, the device may send inconsistent instructions to the system, resulting in short cycling. The wires connecting the thermostat and the heat pump may also have damage that interrupts the communication between the two devices.

Always seek the services of a professional service technician to repair any thermostat issues. Attempting DIY repairs may worsen the problem. Naked wires may also harm you when you accidentally touch them.

You Have a Clogged Air Filter

An air filter traps pollutants in your indoor air to promote good indoor air quality. When your air filter catches contaminants, they clog it and prevent the smooth flow of air into your heat pump. Your system overworks while trying to draw sufficient air through the blocked filter.

A heat pump that works for long hours can overheat. As a result, the system initiates a safety procedure by shutting down to prevent a fire accident. When it starts again, it’ll go through the same safety procedure.

Call Carefree Comfort Inc. for professional air conditioning services if your system is short cycling. We always strive to do an excellent job in the shortest time possible.

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