Maintaining HVAC efficiency in your Highland Park, Illinois, home is crucial to keeping it comfortable. It also helps to reduce your monthly energy bills through the high summer temperatures. Luckily, you can easily improve the efficiency of your AC system by following a few simple tips.

Keep Your Outdoor Unit Clean

The outdoor unit of your AC system can easily get dirty or clogged with debris due to its outdoor location. You can prevent this buildup from occurring by:

  • Removing any branches that hang over the unit.
  • Keeping grass and brush trimmed back a foot around your system.
  • Scheduling regular HVAC maintenance.

Clean Registers and Vents

When your vents and registers clog with dust, pollen and debris, it can reduce the flow of air into each room. Vacuum over vents and registers to loosen and remove dust and dirt. You also want to make sure that no furniture or curtains are blocking vents and impeding airflow.

Regularly Change Your Filter

Your filter works to trap dirt, pollen and dander. As a result, it helps to maintain high HVAC efficiency and good indoor air quality. Unfortunately, when the filter gets too dirty or clogged, it can restrict the airflow through your system and reduce efficiency.

Have Your Drain Line Cleaned

The drain line is located by the indoor evaporator coil. Over time, this line can become clogged and require cleaning. If you notice water around your system or feel that it’s working less efficiently, contact your HVAC service technician to have your drain line inspected. If you have regular maintenance, a professional will check the drain line as part of your service.

Try the tips above to improve the efficiency of your HVAC system. Need to schedule your maintenance service? Contact us at 847-388-0115 today. Carefree Comfort Inc. will schedule your service appointment and keep your system running efficiently.

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