Winter has arrived in Highland Park, Illinois. That means chilly weather and, if you’re lucky, snuggles by a roaring fire. Keeping your thermostat maintained and running efficiently is vital for energy efficiency. Here are four ways to help your thermostat this winter so you can save energy and money:

Install a Smart Thermostat

One way to ensure that your thermostat works properly all season is to install a smart thermostat. Rather than setting your thermostat throughout the week, a smart thermostat learns from your habits and can lower the temperature when you’re not home to help save on heating bills. These are also accessible remotely; it’s easy to change temperatures from your phone or tablet while away from home, which is extremely helpful while you’ re traveling.

Reverse Your Ceiling Fans

Uncirculated heated air will congregate near your ceiling. If you flip the reversal switch on your ceiling fans, you’ll reverse the fan blades so that they push the warm air downward. This helps to heat the untouched corners of the room and evenly distribute the warm air. Run it at low speed and clockwise to help disburse the heat lower into the room instead of at the ceiling above your head.

Schedule Heater Maintenance

Be sure to schedule your annual heater maintenance and service. It goes a long way towards making sure your heating system runs properly and effectively. There are many components that require cleaning, and it’s a good idea to have a professional service regularly. As a result, you’ll minimize how much energy you use to heat your home.

Change the Air Filter

Changing your filters regularly helps to maintain a clean system, thereby helping your thermostat perform accurately. We can discuss what works best for your system during your annual maintenance call. Ideally, you should change the filter in your heating system at least once every three months.

By maintaining your system regularly, you can save time and money and the future of your thermostat. Staying warm this winter is easy with Carefree Comfort, Inc. We can upgrade and service your system and help prepare your home for the winter. Call us at 847-388-0115 for assistance today!

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