4 Tips for Avoiding HVAC Emergencies in Lincolnshire, IL

Running into a sudden HVAC emergency can leave you with significant repair costs. You’ll likely also face decreased temperature control that impacts your family’s comfort. Here’s how you can avoid dealing with a stressful HVAC emergencies this spring in Lincolnshire, IL:

Replace Your Air Filter

Your HVAC filter works tirelessly to stop airborne contaminants from reaching the system. Once they fill up, more debris can get inside. A clogged filter also restricts airflow, making it harder for the system to produce adequate climate control.

Disposable air filters need replacing every one to three months. If you have a smart or programmable thermostat, it may notify you when it’s time to switch your filter. Don’t forget to always use the right-sized filters for your HVAC system.

Watch for Warning Signs

Routinely monitor your system for new odors and noises. Small changes in how your equipment functions often point to internal issues that may need repairs.

HVAC red flags to watch out for include sudden increases in your energy bills and temperature inconsistencies. During a cycle, your system may emit loud banging, grinding or squealing sounds. You may also notice sharp burning or rotten egg odors.

Schedule Preventive Maintenance

Significantly minimize your risk of needing repairs by scheduling yearly maintenance. During a tuneup, our experts will inspect every inch of your system for damaged parts or accumulated grime. This is a great way for our service technicians to take care of minor issues before they worsen into larger repairs.

Clear Debris From Outdoor Compressor

Regularly remove leaves, branches and shrubbery from around your outdoor HVAC components. When debris gets too close to the system, it can slip inside and get caught between the fan blades.

Investing in skilled HVAC protection will improve your system’s long-term energy efficiency and reliability. Contact Carefree Comfort, Inc. to ask about our HVAC tuneups in Lincolnshire, IL. We’ll help you avoid costly HVAC emergencies without stress.

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