The Importance of HVAC Maintenance

If you tend to wait until your home’s air conditioner stops working before calling a professional, it is time to consider planning ahead. Ideally you should try to have your HVAC system serviced at the beginning of the spring and fall seasons. Routine maintenance can extend the life of your system and enable you to avoid costly repairs as potential problems are identified and addressed before it’s too late.

Air Filter Replacement

Replacing your air filters is one of the easiest ways to ensure better indoor air quality and keep your home’s energy costs low. A dirty filter prevents your air conditioner from functioning properly as it can impede air flow, and reduce the system’s ability to remove impurities from the air. This is a simple task that you can undertake. Be sure to check the filter regularly, especially during periods when you rely heavily on your HVAC system.

Refrigerant Refresh

Particularly if you have an older machine, worn parts and vibrations may result in a refrigerant leak. A qualified technician will need to add refrigerant. However, if parts cannot be repaired or replaced, the problem will persist and it would be best to invest in a new air conditioner, as refrigerant leaks cause your system to operate inefficiently and are also harmful to the environment.

Drain Flush

The condensate drain sometimes becomes blocked by debris. Your HVAC technician will need to remove any clogs as overflows can damage the system, walls, and flooring, and provide the right conditions for mold growth.

Outdoor Unit

If grass or trees surround your outdoor unit, ensure two feet or more of clearance on all sides, and that there is nothing within five feet of the top of the unit. Your HVAC technician will remove any debris that is caught within the unit.

You will benefit from a comprehensive maintenance plan from a trusted and reliable HVAC company. Have you serviced your air conditioner lately? Call 847-388-0115 to schedule your air conditioner maintenance with the pros at Carefree Comfort, Inc. today. We provide solutions for your Highland Park home or office, that give you peace of mind all year long.

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