Take Air Filter Replacement Seriously or You May See These Issues

air filter replacementAir filters for forced-air heating and cooling systems are simple devices that are often taken for granted or forgotten about altogether. Read on to see how regular air filter replacement can benefit your home.

HVAC Performance

A furnace blower rotates at high speeds to pull air through the living spaces and air ducts. When airflow is restricted anywhere in the living spaces or forced-air system, a pressure drop is created across the blower, which makes the blower motor work harder to circulate air through the home.

Pressure drops are created by all air filters. However, a dirty and clogged air filter creates an excessive drop in pressure well beyond acceptable measures. If a dirty filter is left unchecked and unchanged, blower motor failure eventually occurs. Fortunately, air filter replacement is all that is required to prevent this.

Carbon Footprint

When the blower is taxed beyond normal operating conditions due to a dirty filter, it uses more electricity to circulate air through the home. Increased electricity consumption results in higher energy bills, of course, but it also means your home’s carbon footprint is increased, which affects the environment.

Indoor Air and Filter Quality

Air filter replacement helps improve indoor air quality, boosts system performance, and helps protect system components from debris accumulation, which also boosts system performance. For instance, if the heat-exchange coil of the A/C is dirty, the refrigerant has a tougher time absorbing heat from the home in the cooling months.

If airborne contaminants, such as viruses and allergens, are free to circulate through the home because a dirty filter, or low-quality filter, cannot capture them, occupants may be affected (and infected), which creates discomforts, health issues and schedule disruptions.

The MERV number (Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value) of air filters is a good reference when selecting the right HVAC filter for your home. MERV 8-12 is generally a good choice for many homeowners, combining good airflow maintenance with air quality benefits. If you are not sure which air filter replacement is right for you and your system, speak with your trusted HVAC professional.

For more information about air filter replacement, please contact us at Carefree Comfort, Inc. Heating & Air Conditioning today. We serve Highland Park and the surrounding areas.

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