As summer approaches, you’ll likely have thoughts of cleaning and maintaining your Highland Park, IL, home. Preparing your air conditioning system for its cooling workload should be part of this process. These four AC maintenance tips will ensure your air conditioning system runs efficiently and delivers the comfort you need:

Change Air Filters

Changing the air filters in your AC system is one of the simplest maintenance tasks available to you, but it’ll bring great benefits. Clean air filters improve indoor air quality by preventing dust particles from circulating in your home. A system with clean air filters will also use less energy.

Check Your Ductwork

You can thoroughly inspect your ductwork to ensure that no holes or leaks are present on its surface. Leaks will allow air to escape and cause system performance to suffer. It’s a good idea to contact an HVAC maintenance professional if you detect leaks in your ductwork.

Clear Debris

Your spring AC maintenance efforts should include the part of your system that sits outdoors. Leaves and other debris can accumulate in and around the outside unit during the winter months. Removing this debris can prevent it from damaging your system and causing obstructions that’ll decrease efficiency.

Schedule a Professional Visit

Finally, the best way to ensure your AC system is ready for its cooling workload is to schedule a professional to perform seasonal maintenance. Professional service technicians will ensure that all components of your system are in proper working condition. They’ll also be able to identify minor problems before they have a chance to damage your unit.

Savvy homeowners should do what’s necessary to ensure their AC system is in prime working order at the beginning of each cooling season. Call Carefree Comfort, Inc to take care of all your AC maintenance needs.

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