4 Sounds Your HVAC System Shouldn’t Be Making

With winter in full swing in Highland Park, Illinois, you need your HVAC system to operate efficiently. If your unit breaks down, you’ll be left without heat until you have it repaired. That’s why you should always keep an ear out for the following problematic sounds:


Squeals can also sound like screeching. They typically indicate a problem with the motor bearing or belt. Unless you replace these parts before they break entirely, you could face a hefty repair bill and a system that doesn’t function. In many cases, all your HVAC system needs is a bit of lubrication, which is an easy fix.


Rattling typically means something in the HVAC system is loose, most likely involving the motor or blower assembly. This isn’t an abnormal problem, but it can cause a lot of damage if you let it go unchecked. If you hear rattling that increases when the blower is running, turn off your HVAC system and have a professional take a look.


Thwapping is usually a sign of something stuck in the blower blades. The sound might remind you of having a playing card on the wheel of your bike. Usually, this isn’t a sign of something serious. But if the object in question is putting more strain on your HVAC system, it’ll lead to undue wear and tear. As a result, it’ll increase energy costs and the risk of a breakdown.


Your unit clicks when it turns on and off — this is normal. It’s when the clicking repeats itself or comes from the outside compressor or control panel that you have a problem. This could be due to faulty electrical controls or relays. Therefore, it’s not something to mess around with.

If you’re hearing any of these sounds, contact Carefree Comfort, Inc. today. We offer complete HVAC maintenance services to help you prevent these sounds from happening in the first place. Give us a call at 847-388-0115 to schedule your repair.

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