Ignoring a furnace issue could lead to high utility bills, poor indoor air quality and expensive breakdowns. If you notice any of these signs of heating problems in your Highland Park, Illinois, home, don’t wait to contact a professional.

Yellow Pilot Light

Instead of an electronic ignition source, many older natural gas furnaces have a pilot light that stays lit all the time. The light should burn blue, and a yellow light means your furnace isn’t getting enough oxygen. You could also have poor ventilation that lets carbon monoxide accumulate in your home. Shut off your gas and have your heater checked before you turn it on again to avoid a dangerous situation.

Bad Smells

If you turn your heater on after it’s been shut off for a while, you may notice a burning smell caused by excess dust. If the scent doesn’t go away, you could have a problem with your HVAC system’s motor or its electrical components. This could be a fire hazard. Condensation on your windows or dirty ductwork can cause a musty smell from biological growth. You could need additional insulation or duct cleaning.

Strange Noises

All furnaces will make some noise when their fans are working. You may hear a click when your heater comes on or shuts down. However, those sounds shouldn’t interrupt a conversation. Loud grinding, banging or popping noises are common signs of furnace trouble. You could also notice rattling from a loose screw, whistling from a leak in your ductwork, or scurrying sounds from pests such as mice or cockroaches.

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