Signs of a Faulty Furnace Combustion Chamber in Lake Bluff, IL

Cracks are a serious issue that can occur in a heating system. Even the tiniest of them pose a hazardous risk of carbon monoxide exposure. Watch for the following indications of a faulty combustion chamber in your furnace and take the necessary action in Lake Bluff, IL.

Visible Soot

When carbon accumulates in the heating chamber, the unit produces excess soot. This happens when there’s incomplete combustion and the system doesn’t burn the gas completely.

There are several reasons the furnace undergoes incomplete burning. For instance, when there are cracks in the combustion chamber. Soot buildup requires a maintenance visit from one of our qualified professionals.

Unusual Flame Color

A blue flame in a furnace is a good sign. It indicates that the unit is operating efficiently.

If the unit burns in a yellow or orange flame, it’s a sign of cracks in the heat exchanger. Moreover, it indicates that the burner is dirty, which leads to malfunctioning.

Water Droplets on the Floor

Water droplets, particularly at the unit’s base, don’t indicate a condensate drain issue. Instead, it means there’s a crack in the heating chamber, which now needs to be repaired or replaced.

Unusual Noises

Furnaces make some sounds during operation. However, pay attention to the loud and weird noises. Such sounds include popping, which happens immediately after turning on the unit.

It occurs mostly due to a faulty burner that slows down ignition, consequently causing gas to build up. When the furnace eventually ignites, it creates a small explosion, which produces a pop sound. If the problem continues, it’s time to call in the professionals.

Our service technicians are NATE-certified with top-notch skills to cater to all heating needs. Furthermore, they have years of experience in enhancing comfort for your family. Contact Carefree Comfort Inc. to schedule an appointment for an HVAC installation, maintenance or repair service in Lake Bluff, IL, and the surrounding areas.

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