Should My Furnace in Lincolnshire, IL, Sound So Loud?

Malfunctioning furnaces behave strangely while regulating indoor temperatures. One of the odd things a faulty furnace does is produce loud sounds. Let’s cover some furnace noises you might in Lincolnshire, IL, and what they mean.


A continuous rattling sound suggests loose components in your furnace. Although it’s normal for some components to loosen with time, a furnace with components that regularly become loose may be nearing the end of its service life.

Instead of attempting to tighten these components, ask a service technician to do it, as you may damage the furnace or harm yourself if you try DIY heating repairs. Rattling noises may also occur when you have a faulty burner, heat exchanger or blower motor fan belt.


A banging noise occurs when your furnace has delayed ignition issues. If the gas burners are dirty or there’s a gas pressure problem, gas may build up in the combustion chamber.

When the accumulated gas eventually ignites, a small explosion occurs. This is what causes the banging sound. A service technician can find out what’s wrong by inspecting your burners.


Whistling is a sign of airflow issues in your furnace. A clogged air filter makes it hard for your furnace to draw air. You’ll hear whistling noises as the system draws air through the tiny openings left in the filter.

You may also hear whistling noises when the air from your furnace escapes through tiny openings in your ductwork. A clogged filter and ductwork leaks make your system overwork.

Change your air filter often, and fix ductwork leaks to reduce the strain on your system. Also, changing your air filter often improves the system’s efficiency in cleaning the air in your house, thus protecting your family from the irritations associated with poor indoor air quality.

Don’t ignore loud sounds from your furnace. Call Carefree Comfort Inc. for professional heating services to restore your furnace to normal functioning.

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