The use of UV light to purify the air of toxins and allergens is quite common. But many people are still skeptical of the effectiveness and safety of UV light for residential use. Below are three reasons it’s a good idea to install UV light air purification in your Wilmette, IL, home.

Improve Air Quality and Airflow

An HVAC system does a lot of work to trap dirt particles in your home. Even so, some particles make their way in, affecting air quality. UV light air purifiers thoroughly clean the air of dirt particles while also increasing airflow efficiency.

UV light air purification can destroy all microorganisms that could affect smooth airflow. They have no coils where microorganisms can hide to inhibit efficiency.

Clean the Air of Volatile Organic Compounds

Volatile organic compounds, both naturally occurring and man-made, are present in every room of your home. These compounds impact air quality, and prolonged exposure to them may result in a variety of health problems.

VOCs are too strong for your standard HVAC filters to clean. As a result, if the compounds make their way into your home, removing them will be a real hassle. UV light purifiers can reduce or even eliminate all VOCs in your home quickly and efficiently.

Lower Your Energy Bills

When you install high-end ultraviolet light purifiers, your utility bills can decrease dramatically. HVAC systems must operate for an extended period for filters to do a thorough job.

Adding UV purifiers to your HVAC system ensures increased efficiency and lower energy bills. These systems are dependable, and they purify spaces efficiently to improve air quality.

To boost your indoor air quality, contact us at Carefree Comfort Inc. Our team knows the nitty-gritty of installing and maintaining UV light purifiers, so you can depend on our services.

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