3 Reasons to Schedule Fall Boiler Maintenance in Lake Bluff, IL

Whether your boiler is for your home or business in Lake Bluff, IL, it keeps you safe and comfortable. Here are three reasons to schedule fall boiler maintenance before the cold weather descends across the area:

Fewer Breakdowns

Boilers, like any other heating system, will experience breakdowns and need repairs. However, you can minimize those breakdowns by finding small problems early and resolving them quickly.

One of the primary goals of routine maintenance is inspecting the system and finding these problems. You can resolve them before the winter sets in and avoid more costly breakdowns.

Extended Service Life

With proper maintenance, you can expect your boiler to last 10 to 15 years. However, neglect maintenance and that life quickly starts eroding. In any HVAC system, one component that isn’t working properly puts additional strain on the rest of it.

During your maintenance, a service technician will test each moving part and component along with the system’s pressure. Too much or too little pressure can both cause damage to the pump and other components.

Improved Safety

You may not think about your boiler and immediately think of safety concerns. However, every heating system has potential hazards that homeowners need to take care of, and carbon monoxide is chief among them.

Your boiler naturally produces carbon monoxide when it burns fuel to heat the water. If there’s something wrong with the system’s exhaust, it can leak that carbon monoxide into your home. Your service technician will test for carbon monoxide around your unit while also inspecting and testing the exhaust system.

With boilers, you also run the risk of hot water leaking and scalding someone in your home. By testing the system’s pressure, your service technician can easily tell if there’s a leak needing repair.

Don’t waste money on poor efficiency or preventable repairs from a neglected boiler. Call to schedule your fall boiler maintenance with our expert service technicians at Carefree Comfort Inc. today.

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