Products That Clean Your Home’s Air

The air in your home can be just as bad as that outside of your home. At times, it can be even worse. While it may be surprising, the same efficient sealing that keeps your energy costs down can be the cause of poor indoor air quality. Those who have breathing trouble in their own homes can benefit from air cleaning equipment and services. In fact, just about any household will find that quality IAQ products can make a difference in the atmosphere indoors.

Doesn’t My Filter Clean My Air?

Your home’s HVAC system moves a lot of air, and your filter is rather small compared to the amount of air that moves through it. You can invest in a high-MERV filter for more effective air cleaning, but in most cases, the effects are limited. The filter’s most important job is actually protecting your inside equipment from dust and grime. If you look at the coils behind the filter, you may see just how much junk can build over time. While this will contaminate your airstream, it will also affect the performance of your system.

Cabinet Filters Can Help

There are cabinet filters that provide more surface area to capture airborne particulates. The accordion pleats used in such a filter remove more material from your airstream. Additionally, it’s possible to obtain high-MERV models for capturing smaller particles.

How Is An Air Cleaner Different?

An electronic air purifier uses electricity to charge airborne particles. The equipment includes plates with opposite charges to attract those particles, removing them from circulation without the limitations placed on a clogged air filter. The plates in such a piece of equipment require occasional cleaning, but they are much more effective at dealing with minute particles.

Germicidal Air Cleaners

Some of the best IAQ products are those that trap and kill dangerous germs and microbes. Bryant, for example, manufacturers air purifiers with capture and kill technology, proven to be effective in destroying fungus, cold and flu viruses and many bacteria. Additionally, these top-of-the-line cleaning systems purify indoor air multiple times in an hour, ensuring a more comprehensive attack on pollutants in your home.

Professional Analysis and Input

If you are thinking about the need to improve your indoor air quality, it’s helpful to work with a Bryant Factory Authorized Dealer to ensure that your actual issues are pinpointed and addressed. Carefree Comfort, Inc. can provide a certified technician to take air samples so that we can isolate specific pollutants in your home. Once we know what you are dealing with, we can recommend the best options for controlling air quality issues. It’s imperative that your purification equipment be suitable for your existing system so that pressure drops aren’t created. Our whole-home approach to clean air will enable you to breathe easier.

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