Maximize Indoor Air Quality with a Room by Room Approach

The importance of clean air goes beyond having a fresh-smelling home. Clean air means healthier air. It is a good idea to assess the systems, activities and conditions in each room in order to maximize your indoor air quality (IAQ). Here are tips to improve your home’s IAQ area by area.


Basements and Crawl Spaces

Low areas in contact with the ground are potential sources of radon infiltration. This radioactive gas results from uranium breaking down in soil, and exposure can even lead to lung cancer. Radon testing kits can be purchased to determine its presence. If radon is detected, call radon mitigation specialists to reduce the levels.

Carbon monoxide (CO) is also a serious health risk. It is usually concentrated near the furnace or another fuel-burning appliance, but it easily spreads throughout the home. Prevent CO poisoning by keeping your HVAC equipment serviced and by ensuring CO detectors are installed and functioning.

Basements and crawl spaces are also common sources of mold due to dampness. Reduce moisture by using vapor barriers, sealing basement walls and floors, and using dehumidifiers.

Main Living Areas

These high traffic areas are prone to high concentrations of allergens, such as dander, dust mites and pollen. Manage pollen by keeping windows closed when pollen counts are high. Vacuum floors often. Replacing carpeting with easy-to-clean flooring is a good idea, particularly if there are occupants with respiratory problems. It is also important to control dust and keep common allergens at bay. Wash curtains and bedding frequently.

Mold, another source of air pollution in these areas, is usually caused by high humidity or leaky plumbing. Control humidity with dehumidifiers and repair plumbing leaks promptly.

Chemical pollutants can be found throughout the home, and some are hard to avoid. Reduce exposure by purchasing products that are free of harmful substances, and by storing any chemicals outside of the home.

The Attic

Mold growth is sometimes an issue in attics with poor ventilation. Replace moldy insulation and call a contractor to troubleshoot ventilation problems.

For more information about improving indoor air quality, check out Carefree Comfort, Inc.’s indoor air quality technologies or call 847-388-0115

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