The holiday season has passed and your heating system is working hard to keep you warm. With the winter blues setting in for homeowners in Highland Park, Illinois, now’s a better time than any to improve heating efficiency and save some money. With that said, here’s how to keep your heating efficiency high as you survive the winter months ahead:

Change Your Heating System’s Filter

It’s never too late for HVAC maintenance, no matter how far along into the winter you schedule it. While a service technician should take care of most maintenance tasks, homeowners can complete one that improves heating efficiency: changing your heater’s air filter.

Take this time to replace your heater’s filter to prevent dust from building up in your system. As a result, your heater won’t have to work as hard to keep you warm, and you’ll save on your energy bills.

Rely On Your Ceiling Fans More Often

Fact: Your ceiling fans can help you save as much as 10 percent on your energy bills. While they don’t produce heat, ceiling fans force warm air located near the ceiling downward toward the ground level. And that’s where you’re resting, sleeping and benefiting from the warm air your heating system has produced.

During the winter, lower your thermostat by a few degrees and use your fans more often. Remember that they should rotate on a low speed in a clockwise direction.

Use the Right Thermostat Settings

“Which setting is the right setting for savings?” you might ask yourself. In the winter, keep your home at a consistent 68 degrees when you’re at home and awake for maximum heating efficiency. For every degree you lower it while away or asleep, you gain back up to 3 percent of the energy.

Don’t lower it too much and increase it too fast, though. That will only make your heating system work harder and decrease your heater’s efficiency.

If your heating system isn’t operating as efficiently as it should, it’s time that a service technician take a closer look. Whether you need a heater repair or a replacement, you’ll waste money the longer you wait to have the issue resolved by a professional. Contact Carefree Comfort at 847-388-0115 to keep your heating efficiency high this winter.

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