Is It Safe to Run the Air Conditioner in the Rain?

The Highland Park, Illinois area receives just approximately 33 inches of rainfall annually. If you’ve ever wondered about operating your air conditioner while it’s raining, you are not alone. However, you have nothing to worry about, especially with modern HVAC systems. Your air conditioner is built to last and provide years of efficient service with proper care and maintenance.


Manufacturer’s today use the best material to prevent rust. Air conditioners are also designed so impact on electrical components is not a concern. The outdoor section of your air conditioners is made to withstand the elements. Even occasional heavy rain won’t affect the internal parts of the unit. If you prefer, you can cover the outside air conditioning unit, but this needs to be done with care. Never cover the unit with plastic or fabric that can’t breathe, as this will trap moisture and increase the likelihood of rust or mold within the air conditioner. These conditions can shorten the life of the air conditioner. It is best to use canvas covers or covers made specifically for that unit by the air conditioner’s manufacturer.


If the outdoor unit is not properly secured, prolonged rain can lead to damage. Severe flooding can cause the unit to shift from its base. Ensure that the outdoor component is securely fastened to its concrete base and is level. Remove all vegetation and debris from around the unit as these can cause water to accumulate around its base.


Wind alone won’t damage the outdoor portion of the air conditioner. However, branches and other wind-blown items and debris can get caught within the compressor and damage the fins or other parts. Check that garden chairs and small tables, toys, and grills aren’t left in its vicinity during severe weather.

If you would like more information about protecting your air conditioner, contact the experts at Carefree Comfort, Inc. We have the services and systems you need to keep your air conditioner operating at its best through any kind of weather. Call us today at 847-388-0115 to speak with a member of our qualified team.

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