How Your Heating System Impacts Indoor Air Quality

Your home’s indoor air quality can impact both your health and comfort. If you have poor air quality, you may suffer from symptoms like congestion, headaches, fatigue and itchy eyes. Indoor air pollutants will also worsen asthma and allergy symptoms. Find out how your furnace can impact the air quality in your Highland Park, Illinois, home and what you can do to improve your IAQ.

Reducing Airflow Through a Clogged Filter

If you don’t change the air filter regularly, it’ll become clogged with dust, dirt and other irritants. It’s important to look at your filter once a month and change it anytime you can see a buildup of dust. At a minimum, you should plan to change your air filter quarterly. If the filter has clogged, your home will suffer from reduced airflow, which produces:

  • Poor energy efficiency.
  • Hot and cold spots.
  • A stuffy feeling throughout the house.

Allowing Pollutants Through an Inefficient Filter

Air filters are available with different MERV ratings. The higher this number, the finer the filter mesh. A smaller mesh will capture more airborne pollutants. Residential air filters should generally have a MERV rating between 7 and 12. If your MERV rating is lower, you probably have a high number of irritants circulating in your home. Consider upgrading your filter to a more efficient product or supplementing it with a whole-home installation like an air purifier or UV lamp. As a result, you’ll take a significant step toward improving your home’s IAQ.

Spreading Dust Via a Dirty Furnace

Over time, your furnace can accumulate dust and dirt on the interior components. Annual tuneups will help you keep your system clean. If you don’t get furnace maintenance once a year, you likely have a buildup of dirt inside that can spread through the home via your air ducts. Regular tuneups provide cleaner air as well as better efficiency and a longer furnace lifespan.

Are you overdue for your annual maintenance? Contact Carefree Comfort Inc. to schedule your appointment. We can also provide personalized recommendations for other indoor air quality solutions.

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