3 Ways AC Maintenance Can Save You Money This Summer in Lake Bluff, IL

Spring air conditioner maintenance prepares you for the summer in Lake Bluff, IL. Besides that, it can save you money in several ways. Read on to learn how AC maintenance will decrease your costs to stay comfortable this summer.

Lower Energy Bill

When an air conditioner starts malfunctioning, the first thing it impacts is energy efficiency. The AC system may start to short-cycle, never reaching its optimal level of efficiency, or it may run longer than usual to reach the set point.

In either case, you’ll notice the change when the energy bill shoots up. You can avoid this with AC maintenance, which will keep the components working well and the air flowing smoothly.

Fewer AC Repair Needs

Because a tuneup addresses many issues that crop up each year with every cooling system, ranging from dirty coils to unlubricated bearings, it prevents the need for major AC repairs in the future. It won’t eliminate the need for all air conditioner repairs, but the ones you need won’t cost you much. And because annual AC maintenance will keep your warranty valid, the manufacturer will probably pick up the cost of those repairs.

A Longer-Lasting System

Most importantly, a well-maintained air conditioning system won’t break down anytime soon. It may give you a good 15 or 20 years of performance, while neglected AC sysems can break down without hope of recovery after 10 years.

Licensed, Insured, NATE-Certified Service Technicians

Carefree Comfort Inc. can set you up for a convenient maintenance appointment in Lake Bluff, so call our office today to get started. Having served the area since 1984, we know what homeowners need every season for indoor comfort, and we can service all makes and models of air conditioners. We’re a Bryant Factory Authorized Dealer, and our service technicians have undergone the training and testing necessary for NATE certification.

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