4 Heat Pump Odors You Shouldn’t Ignore in Highland Park, IL

A sudden funky smell coming from your heat pump could indicate a range of issues, from something burning to a problem with your refrigerant line. Checking it out sooner rather than later will protect your indoor comfort and the lifespan of your system. Here are a few of the most common heat pump odors to watch out for in Highland Park, IL:


Your system may begin emanating a musty scent when stagnant water builds up in the condensate line or drain pan. This moisture can lead to bacterial growth that impacts your indoor air quality. This smell could also mean an animal has made its way into your system or interior ductwork.

Burning Plastic/Rubber

It’s not uncommon to smell burning when you kick your heat pump on for the first time of the season. This odor is likely coming from the dust burning off the system.

However, a sharp or reoccurring electrical or plastic burning smell is an immediate cause for alarm, as it may mean an issue with your wiring. In this case, you should call for professional repairs before the problem becomes a fire hazard.

Rotten Fish Smell

An odor of rotten fish is another indication your heat pump has compromised wiring or electrical connections. This smell can come from an overheating motor, mechanical issues or melted wire coatings. You need an HVAC expert to open your system and find the source.

Chemical Odor

Unpleasant chemical smells often originate from refrigerant leaks. When refrigerant escapes from your evaporator coil, it can smell sweet or similar to formaldehyde. It’s often accompanied by a loud hissing sound.

Carefully monitor your heat pump this summer for any changes in odor. Catching the problem early will protect your home from future HVAC issues. Contact Carefree Comfort Inc. to schedule a heat pump repair in Highland Park, IL.

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