Furnace Won’t Shut Off? Here’s Why

There are few things that are more concerning to a homeowner than when the furnace begins to show signs of an issue. If you own a gas furnace, keeping the unit in top running condition is important for the safety of the home’s occupants. One sign that your furnace may need some attention is that your furnace fails to turn off and continues to run, even when the temperature reaches the set temp on the thermostat.

Why Won’t My Furnace Stop Running in Chicago?

If your furnace continues to run and won’t shut off, even when the thermostat reaches or exceeds the designated temperature, there are a few steps you can take to troubleshoot your problem.

1.) Check the Filters

Keeping your HVAC filters clean is one of the most important regular maintenance tasks you can perform on your system. If the air flow to your heating unit is blocked by dirty filters, your furnace or heat pump may be forced to run continuously in an attempt to reach the desired temperature. Clogged, dirty filters can greatly impact the energy efficiency of the unit. If you use disposable filter, replace the filters with new ones at least once very four weeks. If you use a washable filters, make sure to clean the filters at least once per month.

2.) Check the Thermostat

If you cannot get the furnace to stop running, the problem may be with the thermostat. Thermostats will often fail after a number of years of use. Test the thermostat by setting the temperature to one or two degrees warmer than room temperature. Turn on the Heat switch. Wait to hear the clicking sound that indicates the furnace has kicked on. If you do not hear the sound, the thermostat may have failed.

Other Causes

If you have checked your filters and thermostat, but your furnace still continues to run, call a Carefree Comfort, Inc. furnace repair technician to diagnose and resolve the issue. The problem can be as simple as a fused contact or a short in the control board. A short in one of the wires connecting the thermostat to the unit can also be the cause.

A certified technician can quickly provide an assessment of the problem and an estimate for the repair. Carefree Comfort, Inc. technicians are skilled in diagnosis and repair of all brands and models of HVAC equipment. If you have a gas furnace, don’t take chances with the safety of your family. Schedule an appointment with a Carefree Comfort, Inc. heating services specialist to quickly resolve a potentially hazardous situation.

Carefree Comfort, Inc. Heating and Air Conditioning serves residential and commercial customers in Lakeforest, IL, and the surrounding Northern Chicago suburbs. We offer are a Bryant factory authorized dealer, though we provide HVAC installation, maintenance and repair services for all brands of equipment.

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