Air conditioning accounts for about half of your household’s energy usage. Depending on the size of your home, you could spend hundreds to cool it every month. You don’t have to sacrifice comfort and suffer in sweat to save a few dollars, though. Read on to learn three easy ways to cut cooling costs this summer in your Highland Park, Illinois, home.

Change Your Clogged Filter Every Month

A clogged air conditioner filter can’t catch particle pollutants. As a result, it’ll allow dust and other debris to collect in your AC system and recirculate in your home’s air supply. An air conditioner that experiences added strain will work harder to cool your home, which will increase your cooling costs. It could also result in costly breakdowns and repairs. To keep cooling and repair costs as low as possible, change your AC filter every month through the summer.

Run Your Ceiling Fans While in the Room

Ceiling fans work well to make you feel cooler if you use them the right way. While they don’t generate cold air, they create a wind-chill effect that can reduce your reliance on your air conditioner. In the summer, make sure your ceiling fans rotate in a counterclockwise direction. As a result, they’ll help you keep cooling costs under control.

Schedule Air Conditioner Maintenance

Preventive maintenance is vital to preventing high cooling costs, frequent breakdowns and premature replacements. While spring is the best time to schedule air conditioner maintenance, it’s never too late to do so.

Are you looking for ways to cut cooling costs this summer without sacrificing your comfort? It’s easy when you have a trustworthy HVAC contractor on your side. Contact Carefree Comfort Inc. today at 847-388-0115 to learn more about our AC maintenance services and the highly efficient cooling systems we carry and install for our customers.

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