What is a Commercial Infra-Red Tube Heater?

One option for economically heating large commercial spaces is the infra-red tube heater. Commercial heating presents certain challenges, one being it is often expensive to heat large open spaces that have high ceilings and are subjected to doors that are opened and closed frequently. This makes conventional commercial HVAC systems that blow hot air more expensive to operate, thus taking a bigger bite out of your profits when it comes to operating costs to keep your employees and customers comfortable.

How Infra-Red Heating Works

Most heating systems work by blowing hot air, and as we all know, hot air rises. This means in a large building, this hot air will end up well above the actual space you want to heat because of the higher ceilings that are common in commercial spaces. This is a very inefficient way to heat your commercial space, as your system may need to run constantly in order to keep it warm.

Instead of blowing hot air around, a gas infra-red tube heater works in a way that is much similar to how the sun warms the earth. The sun transfers heat energy by radiating it downward. With a infra-red tube heating system, the heat that is generated radiate downwards and is absorbed by your concrete flooring, other objects, and the people within your building. This heat is then re-radiated, thus warming the surrounding area.

Once the heat is radiated, it is essentially heating from the floor up instead of relying on the drift of hot air being blown around. The recovery time from heat loss when doors are opened is much less, because instead of the hot air escaping outside, the heated surfaces will continue to radiate heat.

Cuts Your Costs While Improving Comfort

Most businesses are able to reduce their heating costs by at least 30 to 50 percent by making the switch to a gas infra-red tube heater system. In larger buildings, the savings may be as much as 70 percent off your energy costs. However, the savings do not end there! Additional savings that add to your expected return on investment will also include savings on maintenance costs, as an infra-red heating system is less expensive than other commercial HVAC systems to maintain over the life of the system.

There are added benefits to making the switch to infra-red heating:

  • Your system can be zoned to keep certain areas warmer than other areas.
  • This type of system is much quieter than heating systems that rely on blowers to distributed the heated air.
  • Without blowing air, there will be less dust and debris being blown around your area, thus a cleaner workspace.

For smart choices in commercial heating options for your business in the Deerfield, IL, area, speak to our experts at Carefree Comfort, Inc. We can help you design the best infra-red tube heating system to meet your commercial needs, and help cut your heating costs.

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