Glencoe, IL, can feel pretty muggy in the summer. If you aren’t proactive, the higher temperatures can result in higher energy bills. But if you’re disciplined about maintaining your commercial HVAC system’s efficiency, you can lower your cooling costs and keep more of the revenue that your business generates. Follow these commercial HVAC efficiency tips to do so:

Get Your System’s Coils Cleaned Regularly

During the hottest parts of July and August, your system’s evaporator coils work hard to absorb the excess humidity in the air. After the evaporator coils absorb the heat and help dehumidify the air, your air conditioner’s condenser coils transfer this thermal energy outside your facility. To help your coils work as efficiently as possible, get them cleaned every few months.

Make Sure the Filters are Immaculate

Dirty commercial HVAC filters can cost you an incredible amount of money. If your filters clog and fail to do their job, the evaporator and condenser coils have less protection. Changing your filters is something you can either do yourself or have a professional HVAC service technician complete. Aim to change the filters every month for optimal commercial HVAC efficiency.

Test Your Thermostat Once Per Week

Operating an HVAC unit in the summer is kind of like driving a race car at 200 miles per hour. Minor problems can quickly become major because of the amount of stress the system is constantly under. To make sure your thermostat is providing accurate feedback to your commercial HVAC system, test its readings multiple times per month. Also, consider upgrading to a smart thermostat if you don’t already have one. Smart thermostats help you maximize commercial HVAC efficiency even more.

Do you need help boosting your HVAC efficiency this year? For commercial heating and cooling repair services, contact Carefree Comfort Inc. today.

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