Best Practices for a Healthy Air Conditioner

A central air conditioning system has turned into an essential component of most households. These systems provide respite from the outdoor heat and humidity and help to cleanse and purify the indoor air. In order to get the most out of the air conditioning system, it helps to follow some of these best practices.

Things That You Can Do Yourself

At home maintenance of your central air conditioning system should become a part of your regular routine. These at home maintenance activities are simple and do not require too much of your time to complete.

  • Outdoors, remove overgrown shrubbery, flowers, weeds, grass and tree branches from within three feet of the air conditioner unit. The unit requires plenty of air flow for optimal functioning.
  • Keep the air vents clean. Once every six months, take off the vent coverings and clean them. Use a vacuum cleaner extension hose to remove dust and debris from the opening.
  • Check the air filter on a monthly basis. Replace it when it looks dirty. At minimum, replace the filter every three months.
  • Pour a ten percent bleach solution down the condensate drain once per month. This prevents obstructions in the drain.
  • Keep boxes and other items away from the indoor unit.
  • Use a water hose with spraying attachment to hose off the metal grille and fins of the outdoor unit.
  • Determine the best thermostat setting for your comfort and pocketbook. If the best thermostat setting changes depending on the time of day, utilize a programmable thermostat to enjoy comfort and energy savings.

Having Your Air Conditioner Professionally Serviced

Another best practice in maintaining a healthy air conditioner is to have air conditioner maintenance performed by an experienced heating and cooling company. Air conditioner maintenance services typically include a total system inspection to identify potential problems, followed by a performance test, system cleaning, lubrication and air filter replacement.

A healthy air conditioner makes for a more energy efficient, comfortable and healthy home. With regular at home maintenance and a professional air conditioner maintenance plan, you can rest assured knowing that your air conditioning system will provide a comfortable environment in which to live for many years. For more information on best practices for healthy air conditioning systems, call us at Carefree Comfort, Inc. at any time.

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