Suffering from seasonal allergies in Lake Forest, Illinois, is never fun, but when you’re trying to enjoy the summer months, the last thing you want to do is suffer from allergic symptoms. Getting rid of allergens in your home can help reduce the symptoms when you’re there. Battle your symptoms and continue to have fun this summer by following these easy allergy tips.

Fight the Humidity

When you keep the temperature in your home too high, you increase the risk of high humidity levels that can cause mold to grow. The humidity in your house should stay between 30 and 50 percent. Lower levels can dry out your wood furniture and cause health issues like tight skin and dry eyes. When the humidity gets too high, mold can grow in hidden spaces. The spores often get into the HVAC system, decreasing the indoor air quality and leading to allergic symptoms in those who suffer from allergies to mold.

Keep It Clean

You may notice that your allergies are worse when you’re inside. This might not seem logical, since most of the allergens, like pollen, are found outside. When your windows are open and people come in and out of the home with the door open, those allergens come in and get trapped in the upholstery, carpet, and HVAC ducts. Keeping your home clean and free of allergens can make a major difference in how you feel throughout the summer months. Vacuum often, wipe surfaces at least once or twice a week to eliminate dust, and wash your bedding frequently.

Regular duct cleaning can also improve the quality of air you breathe. Cleaner air helps reduce allergies for many people who suffer. A professional HVAC technician will use a vacuum to eliminate built-up dust and debris then use a sanitizing spray to get rid of mold spores and other contaminants. 

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