wifi thermostat

The concept of installing an Internet-connected thermostat in your home may have you feeling excited, and with good reason. A WiFi thermostat can save you money, make it easier to achieve indoor comfort, and help the environment as you consume less energy for heating and cooling.

Capabilities of WiFi Thermostats

As with any type of programmable thermostat, the advantage of a WiFi thermostat is energy savings. These thermostats can be programmed to use energy more efficiently. You can program a WiFi thermostat to increase the temperature while you are away or sleeping; then program more ideal temperatures when you are awake, or have returned home. With a WiFi thermostat you will be able to operate your system remotely, or from another section of your home using a smartphone or other device. Capabilities include:

  • The ability to turn the system on or off.
  • Making changes to the programmed settings including the temperature.
  • Monitoring your home’s temperature while away in order to be aware of any system failures.

Making the Most of a WiFi Thermostat

A major benefit of WiFi thermostats is the ability to heat and cool each room more evenly. There will need to be temperature sensors in each room for this to be possible.

Ease of Installation and Operation

WiFi thermostats range from the more elaborate with wider functionality, to those that perform basic operations. As you prepare to upgrade to a WiFi thermostat, work with a professional to find a model that suits your needs.

Carefree Comfort, Inc. is able to provide you with the systems and the expertise for your home comfort. Contact us today, at 847-388-0115 with your thermostat questions, or any other HVAC concerns. We proudly provide service to Highland Park and surrounding areas.

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