3 Signs Indoor Humidity Is too Low

The furnace is blasting warm air to heat up your Highland Park, Illinois, home, yet you’re not as comfortable as you wish. Furnaces dry out the air in your home, causing symptoms like dry skin and a sore or scratchy throat that may cause considerable discomfort for you and your family. When your furnace saps too much humidity from your home, you’ll encounter certain signs. Thankfully, you can also fix these problems with a humidifier.

You’re Always Coughing

Dry indoor air affects your health in ways that often appear like colds or the flu. People get itchy eyes and static shock thanks to the low humidity. When your throat dries out too much, it can cause a persistent cough that might send you running to the doctor. If you test negative for common ailments, the dry air in your home could very well be the culprit behind your nagging cough.

Static Electricity Abounds

Dry indoor air is likely to cause static electricity. This can create a lot of discomfort as the unpleasant sensations can occur whenever you touch surfaces throughout your home. When you reach out to pet the cat or touch someone else, you can also experience little electric shocks. Static isn’t usually dangerous, but it is certainly annoying – although it can ruin electronics and other devices.

Your Nose Is Bleeding

When the membranes of your nasal passage dry out too much, you’re more prone to nosebleeds. If anyone in your home seems to get a bloody nose frequently, that could be a sign that your furnace is sapping too much humidity from the air. The low humidity can make you more prone to infections and respiratory illnesses as well. A humidifier will help to combat these problems.

At Carefree Comfort, Inc., your indoor air quality is important to us. If you experience these symptoms or want to know if your furnace is drying out your indoor air, we can help. We’ll also perform necessary furnace maintenance and repairs to keep you warm throughout the Illinois winter. You can contact us at 847-388-0115 for more information.

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