Low water pressure in the shower can be really annoying. This is a common problem in Highland Park, IL, as most houses still have older-generation shower heads. If the water pressure issue persists, your plumbing system could be experiencing any of the following:

Clogged Shower Head

Since hard water contains minerals, your shower head is bound to accumulate them over time, thus blocking its tiny outlets. When this happens, the water will use the few remaining outlets, giving you the impression that the water pressure is low.

Luckily, you can quickly resolve this problem by unscrewing the part with the outlets and soaking it in a bowl of vinegar. If you don’t have vinegar, you could try to scrape the deposits off and then thoroughly scrub the remaining ones.

Main Water Valve Problem

Low shower pressure may be as a result of tampering with the main home water valve. Since this unit is usually outside and within the reach of children, anyone can slightly tamper with it. The water valve needs to be wholly set in the “on” position, not even a slight degree off.

This is because the slightest movement makes a significant change in your water pressure. If you call a plumber, they can verify that this is the issue and rectify it.

Pipe Leaks

Sometimes, low water pressure in the shower may occur because the pipe that transports water to the bathroom has leaks or breaks. This means that by the time the water gets to you, only a little comes out. It’s often difficult to locate a leak because much of the plumbing is behind walls, so it can save time and exploratory damage to call a plumber.

If you have been trying to pinpoint the cause of your weak water pressure in the shower to no avail, schedule an appointment for an inspection by our plumbers at Carefree Comfort Inc. We’ll help repair the problem.

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