Most of us are concerned about saving water, not only to preserve a precious resource but also to save on monthly bills. Picking the right shower head can help you do both. Here’s some practical advice on selecting shower heads for your home.

The Lowdown on Low Flow

A standard shower head uses 2.5 gallons of water per minute (gpm). The government’s WaterSense program allows water-saving shower heads that use no more than 2 gpm to bear the WaterSense label. This label also guarantees that the products provide sufficient intensity for a satisfactory shower. Using these shower heads could save the average family 2900 gallons a year.

But before you go shower head shopping, figure out your home’s water pressure. The Environmental Protection Agency allows a flow rate of no greater than 2.5 gallons per minute at 80 pounds per square inch. If your water pressure doesn’t reach that, low-flow shower heads may not work that well. You should look instead for models engineered to compensate for low pressure.

The Right Shower Head

There are basically two types of shower heads: fixed or handheld. Fixed are permanently mounted to the wall, although some can be adjusted to different heights. With handheld types, the shower head is connected by a flexible tube so you can move it around easily. Handheld shower heads are useful for bathing children and pets.

There are several useful features you might want to look for in a new shower head. Look for a cut-off valve to stop the flow of water and different spray patterns. Aerating shower heads mix air with water so water pressure feels more intense, although they use less water than other fixtures. These types of shower heads are more expensive upfront, but they’ll save homeowners money on utility bills.

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