Clogged pipes and drains in your Highland Park, Illinois, home are serious issues. If you don’t fix the clog, water may back up into your home and cause extensive and costly damage. That’s why it’s important to know some of the signs that indicate a serious clog is developing. Here are a few warning signs of clogged pipes that you should watch for so that you’ll know when to schedule professional pipe cleaning:

Gurgling and Bubbling

One of the most easily noticeable signs of a clog in your drain is a gurgling noise when you’re using your sink. Bubbling in your toilet when you’re using another fixture is another sign. Both gurgling and bubbling mean that there’s a clog somewhere in your pipes and that water is backing up.

Slow Drains

A drain that works slowly is another telltale sign of a clog. Slow drains mean that a clog has narrowed the pipe, making it more difficult for the water to exit your sink. If it seems like your drains are slower than normal, professional cleaning is in order.

Bad Smells

Bacteria can thrive on the grease, garbage and waste in your pipes. If there’s a clog, bacteria will accumulate and a pungent odor will be the result. Should you notice a smell like rotten eggs or garbage coming from your drain, it means a major clog is developing.

Inconsistent Water Levels in the Toilet

The water level in your toilet should remain consistent. Therefore, if the level lowers or raises after flushing, there’s a problem somewhere in your system. In some cases, the issue may be with a single toilet. But in others, it could indicate that your sewer line has clogged. A clogged sewer line is a problem that you shouldn’t ignore. If you notice changes in the water level in your toilet, get help from a professional right away.

Are you dealing with clogged pipes? Call Carefree Comfort Inc. at 847-388-0115 for help. One of our professionals will clean your pipes and remove any clogs they find.

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