You might not think about your ceiling or its fixtures often, but overhead lights and fans can have a significant impact on indoor comfort levels. They can also affect heating efficiency in your Deerfield, Illinois, home. Follow these tips to choose effective overhead fans and lighting fixtures for your home.

Add a Ceiling Fan

While a ceiling fan can’t cool or heat your home, it will make you feel more comfortable because it helps to circulate the conditioned air. For cooling, you won’t have to lower the thermostat’s setting because of the fan’s wind-chill effect.

When you’re ready to start using your heating system, you can reverse your fan’s spinning so that the blades turn in a clockwise direction. The blades will distribute the warm air so that you can optimize heating system use. Keep the fan at low speeds during cold weather. For both heating and cooling, just remember to turn off the fan when you leave the room, so you don’t waste energy.

Use Dimming Switches With Overhead Lights

You don’t always need your lightbulbs to glow at full capacity. A dimmer switch allows you to control your home’s lighting. You can adjust the lighting based on your needs so that you use energy wisely.

When you dim your lights, the bulbs consume less energy. Plus, harsh lighting can generate heat and prove hard on the eyes, especially if you’re exposed to it all day.

Choose Efficient Fixtures and Bulbs

The Energy Star program certifies both light fixtures and bulbs. Look for the Energy Star logo when you shop for these items so you know that they won’t consume more electricity than necessary. Additionally, energy-efficient light fixtures and bulbs don’t emit as much heat. During the summer, you can control your cooling costs more effectively without sacrificing light.

Overhead fixtures can either improve your home’s efficiency and comfort or increase your costs and make you less comfortable. To learn more about energy efficiency and your HVAC system, call Carefree Comfort, Inc. today at 847-388-0115. We’re happy to help you to meet your home comfort goals.

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