If your home’s water heater is more than a decade old, you can save energy and lower utility bills by replacing it. You should also consider the fuel source, size and capacity of a new unit. Several types of efficient water heaters are available, including solar, hybrid and tankless models. Read on to learn which one of these water heaters is best for your home in Highland Park, Illinois.


Solar water heaters can save energy in any climate. They don’t use electricity, so they won’t raise your power bill.

However, you may need a backup water heater for guests or cold weather. In most solar systems, a solar collector heats the water in a storage tank and then gravity brings it into your home. In a thermosiphon system, heated water rises to your house instead. You can install a solar water heater on your roof or in your yard. Models with pumps that help move the water are also available.


Heat pump or hybrid water heaters transfer heat to a storage tank. They’re usually in unconditioned parts of homes for better heat transfer in warm weather. Hybrid models take up more space than conventional water heaters because they contain heat pumps as well as storage tanks.


Tankless water heaters, also called demand or instantaneous units, only turn on when you need hot water. They’re more efficient than traditional water heaters. They can’t heat a significant amount of hot water quickly, though.

You may need two tankless units if you have a large family. Fortunately, they’re compact and easy to install. You can also use the extra space for storage, and you’ll never have to worry about a leaky tank. Gas or electric units are available.

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