Carefree Comfort, Inc. Plumbing ContractorsYour home’s pipes get wear and tear too, so sooner or later, a plumbing upgrade is needed. While your plumbing is stationary, what’s moving through it isn’t. The constant flow of fresh water and waste water, the ongoing stress from municipal water pressure, the accumulation of mineral deposits and deterioration affecting outdated plumbing materials like galvanized steel — all these and more take a toll over the years.

Though household plumbing does not come with a uniform expected service life, here are some red flags that a plumbing upgrade may be in your future:

Unexplained Stains

The more unexplained they are, the more likely stains on a ceiling or wall are the result of leaks from deteriorating plumbing, often routed through wall voids or below the floor. Even when stains appear dry, they should still be investigated. Pinhole leaks in water supply lines may spontaneously seal, then leak again. However, they can be indicators of ongoing internal deterioration that may trigger a major pipe rupture.

Noisy Pipes

At construction, water supply lines are secured to framing and other anchors. Over decades, these brackets loosen and fail. The force of water coursing through unsecured pipes induces rattling and banging that accelerates leakage at joints and overall deterioration. Pipe noise is often a sign of an aging system in need of an upgrade.

Dripping and Seepage

No amount of leakage from a plumbing system is acceptable or minor. If you’re putting up with drippy faucets, leaky pipes and other annoyances, your pipes may be telling you it’s time for an upgrade. Since most plumbing is installed simultaneously at construction, degradation in one pipe or fixture may serve as an indication that the integrity of the entire system is declining.

Aesthetic Issues

When it comes to drinking water, any color but clear or any taste or odor other than fresh is something you shouldn’t and probably can’t ignore. Contact a plumbing professional if you’re noticing changes in the appearance or appeal of your water.

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