plumber-workingIt’s natural to not give a second thought to the maze of pipes, drains and plumbing lines that wind through your home until a problem arises. However, even a small issue with your plumbing system can quickly develop into a major disaster. The need for emergency plumbing services is one of the most common reasons to call a reputable plumber, but there other occasions when it’s worthwhile to take advantage of a professional plumber’s expertise. Here are four of the many reasons savvy homeowners include a qualified plumber on their list of contacts.

Your Drains are Agonizingly Slow

Slow-running drains usually indicate that there’s an obstruction somewhere in the plumbing line, but determining the clog’s source isn’t always easy. Slow drains caused by an accumulation of debris like soap scum, grease and hair are one thing. A clogged sewer line is something else altogether. Instead of risking damage to pipes by pouring caustic chemical cleaners down the drain, call an expert. Professional plumbers can identify the underlying reason for your slow drains and can resolve the problem using specialized equipment like electric and hydro-mechanical drain cleaners.

You’re Plagued by Mold and Mildew

The presence of mold and mildew in your home is often a sign of an undetected leak somewhere in your plumbing system. For family members with asthma or allergies, these fungi can trigger or exacerbate symptoms, but long-term exposure poses health risks for every family member. A skilled plumber can utilize high-tech equipment like in-line video cameras and super-sensitive microphones to pinpoint the leak’s location. If you suspect there may be a leak in your home, it’s critical to take immediate action. Left unattended, a leak can cause damage that can compromise your home’s structural integrity.

You’re Fed Up With Cold Showers

If the water turns cold before you’re done showering, your hot water heating system is likely to blame. Replacing your fuel-fired water heater with a tankless system can provide you with a virtually endless supply of hot water, and it can reduce your water heating costs by up to 30 percent. Instead of storing hot water in a tank 24/7, these energy-saving alternatives heat water instantaneously on demand. For larger homes, there are hybrid systems available too. An experienced plumber can help you select the ideal option so that you never have to shiver through another cold shower again.

You’re Planning a Remodeling Project

When you’re remodeling your kitchen or bathroom, it’s crucial to have a plumber on the team who understands the complexities of residential plumbing and code regulations. A plumbing professional can recommend the best products for your makeover, ensure that your new fixtures offer you long-lasting performance and save you money on installations.

Whether you need an emergency plumbing repair for a burst pipe or a complete kitchen renovation, the licensed professional plumbers at Carefree Comfort, Inc. are here to assist you with a full array of plumbing services and products. To learn more or to schedule an appointment, contact Carefree Comfort, Inc. today. We’ve proudly served the Highland Park, Illinois, area since 1984.

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