Dealing with a plumbing problem at your Highland Park, Illinois, home isn’t a fun experience. But it’s something that’ll happen to just about every homeowner at some point. When a plumbing issue arises, the question is whether to fix it yourself or to call a professional. Some plumbing problems are simple enough for anyone to handle, while you should leave others to the pros to reduce the risk of damage.

Clogged Drain or Toilet

A clogged drain or toilet is a common occurrence. You may be able to clear the clog by using a plunger and some elbow grease, though.

If you can’t get the clog to budge, contact a plumber to take a closer look. They can use a snake or other piece of equipment to locate the problem and clear it. Leaving a clog in a drain or toilet can cause water to back up, potentially causing damage in your home.

Replacing Fixtures or Hardware

If you want to update the faucet in your kitchen or replace the hardware on your bathroom sink, this project may be doable on your own. However, if things get more complicated than you expected, you can always call a plumber to take care of the job. Make sure you shut the water off before you start loosening and removing fixtures.

Bathroom or Kitchen Renovations

When you’re watching home makeover shows on television, the stars always make renovations look so easy. Move a toilet from one side of the bathroom to another? No problem. However, you should always leave major plumbing upgrades and renovations a professional. This includes:

  • Moving a sink or toilet
  • Adding plumbing for a new addition
  • Replacing pipes

Main Line Backups

If you spot water or waste coming up through a floor drain, bathtub or toilet, call for professional assistance as quickly as possible. This situation often indicates a backup in your main line, which can be caused by tree roots growing into it or other debris causing a blockage.

For plumbing help, contact Carefree Comfort, Inc. at 847-388-0115. Our professional plumbers are standing by to assist you with any plumbing problems you’re experiencing.

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