With winter comes freezing temperatures, and those temperatures can cause big issues for your Highland Park, Illinois, home. Make sure to prepare your home so it is ready when freezing temperatures hit, and to prevent these three winter plumbing problems.

Frozen Pipes

Pipes bursting is a serious concern in the winter because of the freezing temperatures outside. If your pipes freeze, the pressure in the pipes can force them to burst, causing a major mess. If you are going away for an extended period, don’t turn off your heating system since it can increase your chance of having frozen pipes. You may also want to consider letting your faucets drip just slightly to keep the water moving. If you start noticing restricted water flow, it’s a sign your pipes are frozen. If your pipes burst, turn off the water valve completely and call your local plumber immediately.

Failing Water Heater

Having an issue with your water heater in the winter is not uncommon, but it is troublesome. If you don’t have any hot water in the house, first check to make sure you have power and check the circuit breaker. If you have a gas water heater, check to make sure the pilot light is on. If everything else seems to be working fine, it is best to call a professional plumber to check your heater. Having your water heater serviced early in the season, can help to prevent this type of problem.

Water Line Leak

You may not realize it, but your garden hose can cause major issues if it is left connected to your home in the winter. Any water left in the garden hose can freeze, which will build up the pressure in the water line and cause it to leak or burst. Disconnect your garden hoses before winter strikes to prevent this from happening.

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