You can save water and lower your power or gas bill with newer, more efficient plumbing fixtures. The right upgrades also prevent inconvenient, expensive breakdowns and leaks. They can even increase the value of your Highland Park, Illinois, home. Some of the most popular and efficient plumbing fixtures are low-flow shower heads, low-flow toilets, and new faucets.

Low-Flow Shower Heads

A low-flow shower head can save water without reducing your water pressure, and the newest models are called ultra low-flow shower heads. A laminar flow shower head also gives homeowners more accurate temperature control. However, you should avoid large shower heads designed to imitate rain and massaging body sprays. They can both use more water than standard shower heads even if they’re low-flow.

Low-Flow Toilets

The first low-flow toilets had weak flushes, and users often had to flush two or three times. Fortunately, newer models are much easier to use, they reduce clog problems, and they can save even more water. Gravity-fed low-flow toilets use the weight of water to flush, while pressure-assisted models use air inside the toilet tank to push the water down the bowl. Gravity-fed models are less noisy and they cost less at first, but pressure-assisted toilets are more efficient. They can even pay for themselves over time through lower utility bills.

New Faucets

Attractive new faucets with automatic sensors that turn your water on and off are available. You can also add aerators or flow restrictors to your existing bathroom and kitchen faucets to save water. An aerator adds air into the water that comes from the faucet to make the water pressure seem higher and a flow restrictor simply reduces the flow of water. Both of these upgrades are easy and inexpensive to install.

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