Septic tank maintenance is an issue for both those who live on farms and for city dwellers too. Taking care of a septic tank is relatively easy in Highland Park, Illinois. Here are three basics of septic tank maintenance:

Protect the Septic Tank

Whether you install a septic system or it was already installed when you bought your house, be sure you know the location of all components to avoid damaging them. Never drive over the drain field as this may crack a pipe or compact the soil, making it less able to absorb water.

Keep shrubs and plants far away from the septic tank and drain field. As a result, you’ll prevent their roots from snaking into the pipes and clogging them. To prevent erosion, encourage grass to grow on the drain field.

Control What Goes In

Many materials are harmful to a septic system. Here are the harmful materials that you shouldn’t flush down toilets or pour into the drain:

  • Trash. You shouldn’t throw anything in the toilet other than human waste and toilet paper.
  • Too much water. This can overload the system.
  • Too many solids. Solids pile up as sludge in a septic tank. Use a drain strainer and throw away fine scraps from washing dishes.
  • Fat. Rather than pouring fat into your drain, skim off grease, allow it to set in the refrigerator and throw it into the garbage.
  • Too much bleach and drain cleaner. Because a septic tank needs beneficial bacteria to work, pouring bleach or drain cleaner into your drains will kill the good bacteria.

Pump the Tank

A standard septic tank must be pumped according to a regular schedule, typically every three to five years. If you’re careful about what goes into your septic tank, you might be able to go longer between pumps. But always check with your service technician. Once the tank is empty, use the opportunity to check for any leaks.

For septic tank help, contact Carefree Comfort Inc. at 847-388-0115. Our professional plumbers are standing by to assist you with any septic system problems you’re experiencing.

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